A Little Change

I have heard that we do not like change.  We all get comfortable and like it the same.  I rarely think this is true with small changes.  A new dress, a new pair of shoes etc. can create in most women, a little if not a great deal of exciting change.  A new golf club, a new sports car would certainly do the same for most men I know.  So how about a little change in your home’s interior?

We all have things we need to change or at least update.  However, after living in a space for a while we actually stop seeing it. Perhaps I should say we stop noticing.  When I was studying interior design I had an instructor who taught me a very useful trick.  Take yourself out of the picture and see your room as others do.  This can be accomplished by taking a quick picture and seeing the room without people.  When I was studying, this was so much more complicated.  You had to take the film and get it developed!  Remember that?  So another useful trick, if you do not have a phone with a camera, is to look at your room in a mirror.  Works the same.  You are out of the picture.

Now what to do with that new insight into your new room?  Start small by adding elements that give you a big bang for your buck.  Decorative toss pillows work every time.  Add a comfy blanket and new lamp or art and a room can be transformed quickly and with little expenditure.

Try this little trick and see how your room looks.  Remember what they say… “The camera doesn’t lie”.

The two pictures are vignettes in the store at Saratoga Signature.  Same sectional, same ottoman, just a totally different look. Try it and send me a picture of your updated room.

After reading this and you are in the area of Saratoga Springs, NY, and isn’t everyone in town this time of year, stop in and mention this blog.  Buy one toss pillow and get the second one free.

Hope to see or hear from you really soon.

Nancy Moultrie Smith

“The Furniture Smith”



Easy change 1

Easy change 2