Fabric We are Totally Crushing On

It’s Fabric Friday! To celebrate our beautiful new collection of Huntington House fabrics and furniture we picked out some of our favorite samples, and it wasn’t easy.

For the love of neutrals 

This pattern keeps the fun alive, but it’s neutral colors make it versatile. We absolutely love it’s texture and soft feel.


This fabric paring mixes different textures and pattern sizes to create depth and sophistication.


Strawberries, oranges, and plums, Oh my! 

We are totally crushing on these delicious colors!


Mix up your living room with subtle purples (Think Prince) and golds. Add texture with a fun print.


Mix and match bold colors and patterns. Unleash your wild side!


 Botanical Beauty 

Botanical prints are trending right now! We love the idea of creating your very own jungle escape. Give yourself the freedom to get away!


Geometrically Groovy

Geometric patters are all the rage right now. We love how casual they can make a room feel!


Bold lines make this pattern pop!


We used this fabric on a darling chair in our showroom!

Yes Please! We absolutely adore this pattern. This color evokes memories of warm summer days, and ice cold lemonade! Use it to brighten up any room!


Get inspired! Mix and match bold colors and patterns! You should have fun with your style! Let your personality shine through!

You can see this collection of Huntington House fabrics displayed in our showroom!


Focus on your  personal style

This super plush and comfortable sofa is available in our showroom!

up the intensity room scape
Get obsessed! Pair a neutral sofa with Bright pops of color to intensify your look!


Who said you can’t go bold? The most important element in any room is you! Make it your own, and you will never grow tired of it!

If you are interested in any of the fabrics, or room settings shown stop by our showroom!

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