Sunbrella: The real “Big Easy”

For  some reason this morning I started thinking about the word “easy”.  New Orleans is called the “big easy”.  I have been there several times when one of my sons lived in Baton Rouge.  It is not easy.   Summertime and the living is easy as in the great song from Porgy and Bess.  No, sorry summer is not easy either.  The garden, the pool, why just the grass cutting alone keeps the summer far from easy.  Outdoor rooms are said to be easy.  Don’t worry about spills, dusting (let the rain wash it away) and paper cups and plates so no dishes to wash.  Hate to tell you, that is not easy either. Have you ever had to clean up after a big back yard cookout?  Yikes, nothing easy here.

My clients want easy no fuss living.  They want a house that is not cluttered with stuff.  Furniture that is easy care with no need to be concerned about spills, dirt and fading.  They want to relax after a day of life not being “easy”.  If the dog jumps on the couch, if the kids toss around the pillows, if your girl friend spills that glass of red wine you just poured, how can life ever be easy? One word… SUNBRELLA!!!

Sunbrella Living Room Fine furniture
Sunbrella Living Room, Photography by Randall Perry

If you have not done so already you owe it to yourself to look at today’s new sunbrella.  It is not the stiff,  hard, very bright fabric of the past.  Today’s indoor sunbrella is soft muted and really easy, as in no worry care.  I have several furniture pieces on the floor in these beautiful fabrics at Saratoga Signature.  Comfortable? oh yes!  Affordable? of course but most of all, easy.

This picture is from a room recently completed and all the upholstery pieces are sunbrella.  Beautiful photography by Randall Perry.  Beautiful room furnished by Saratoga Signature Interiors.  We would love to make all your rooms just as easy.  Come in or call.  I would love to talk to you about worry free easy living.


Nancy Smith