Get The Look!

Get The Look!

Let’s face it, decorating is hard! How many times have you seen the room of your dreams displayed on the glossy page of a magazine? You lust for that perfect look, but you might not know where to start…that’s where we come in! We wanted to create a place for our readers to go to be inspired and get all  the information they need to recreate any look they desire. This is our first “Get The Look” blog post so we really wanted to highlight some of the new furniture we just got in from this years High Point Market.

The Look:

Modern and Fresh With Vibrant Pops of Color!

Living room

Why We Love It:

This Look feels fresh! It can brighten up any space, and you can really have fun with it. We say this a lot, but it’s worth repeating: Stay True to your personal style! This look is easy to customize and make your own. The vibrant color pops and fun patterns energize your senses and make the space feel youthful and modern.  Have fun mixing and matching colors, textures, and patterns to create a look that is unique to you.

Now for the fun part!

Let’s deconstruct it piece by piece…

The Sofa


This is the most comfortable sofa! We have one in the showroom, and talk about stunning style and comfort! If you’re going to redo your living room, you should look into buying a sofa of quality construction. The sofa is the most used and loved spot in your living room, so you want to know that its going to last! This sofa is 8-way hand tied, And that means that its going to last…and last!

If you have never heard of 8-way hand tied construction, you are not alone. I did a little research and here are the facts:

In simple terms, 8-way hand-tied is a construction method for furniture where a series of coils are each tied, from front to back, side to side, and diagonally, eight times. The name explains the process. It’s tied 8 times, by hand! If you’re looking for proper support from your seat and a level of comfort that’s built to last, then you want your furniture 8-way hand-tied.

It sounds good but what does it really mean?

The 8-way hand-tied spring is a symbol of quality in the furniture industry. It uses coil springs that are not only the most resilient, but also strong and flexible. These coil springs are the longest lasting type of spring. It’s always possible that a spring may break, give out, or loosen eventually, however, they typically withstand the test of time.

The springs are tied together in eight directions with twine, which provides a stability within the piece of furniture that will keep the springs from shifting. This means that your piece of furniture will remain comfortable to lounge on for a longer period of time, because the springs are properly placed. With the 8-way hand-tied method comes not only quality of long lasting furniture, but also a quality of comfort that cannot be achieved without it!

eight way hand tied construction
Every piece of furniture that Huntington House makes is made using 8-way Hand Tied Construction. This is a shot from the factory floor in North Carolina.


This Sofa retails for just a little under $4,000.00, but we have it on the showroom floor in a great “go with anything” neutral color for $2,975.00!

The dimensions of this sofa are:

82″L x 34″D

Have no fear! If that sounds a little big for your space, there are many different size and style choices to choose from! We are sure to have your ideal size and style!

The “New” Beige…

Grey is the new beige, in other words it goes with anything!

Choosing  a color like grey means that you can fearlessly go with bold accent colors, like red, navy, and bright yellow to name just a few! Who knows? Maybe you will decide on this cool minty green color! Go for it!

The Chairs 

This chair is so cute! Loving this color!!

This arm-less chair with classic nail head trim is just perfect for this room! The color is hip and young.  This fabric choice really pulls the minty teal green out of the throw pillows. What a beautiful match!


Having fun with patterns and colors is the best part about designing your own furniture! Well, Its almost the best part…the delivery day is actually the best part!

All you need now are some accessories, a couple of lamps and great coffee table to finish off this funky sweet look!

What Next?

All of the furniture seen in this blog is available right in our showroom, so stop by or give us a call!

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